Alertness and Enjoyment at 60+ (1)

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We are still young at sixty but in our younger days we believed or had such notions that everything will happen our way.

Life  at times lies to us & at times does not support the age which we would like to live. Surprising all of us are aware that in spite of our best efforts health & wealth are not in our control. Nobody can be sure of tomorrow. There is a story of Yudhisthir & Bhim.  Once a sadhu came to ask for alms & Yudhisthir said please come tomorrow. Immediately Bhim started playing Nagaras.  Everybody was surprised that  Bhim was playing Nagaras & asked him the reason, Bhim replied mentioning that Yudhisthir has won over  time (kaal) as he is aware that he will be surviving till tomorrow to give alms to the sadhu.  Yudhisthir immediately understood his mistake.

Nobody knows what is in store in for us. Some of the classic examples in history have taught us that Empires have been destroyed. Kings & Dictators once  strong, had to run to survive or were captured & died. The Rich were destitute etc. and also innumerable examples are there that the rich & powerful,  suffering from incurable diseases ,had no money or power that could help  prolong life.

Fully aware of these facts we  still fight with our loved ones or with persons who are close to us. Why Ego, dominance etc! We all understand the minute you are gone from the world, you are forgotten the next moment. “Out of sight out of mind”. We struggle to show off all physical possessions like a flat, car etc. Makes no difference to anybody except you. As either you will end up losing money for your false ego and be like a blown up balloon ,which will either get punctured or lose the air.  With age & without power and less money ,one sees immediate changes in the behaviour of so called society . The only exception is your near & dear ones.

One is aware that time and money is not limitless, so use it till you live  & if possible save it without hurting yourself . When you are gone you have no control over your wealth.   Sometimes I feel the younger generation  have also a different kind of imbalance in life as they work hard for five days of the  week & save comparatively less. The earlier generation has worked hard to save, at the cost of their time & loved ones and have no guarantee of health & wealth.   Rewind to the first twenty years of life. What you wanted to do in your twenties & thirties but could not do , please do it now. Don’t bother what people will be saying that he/she is not living his/her age.  We have worked all our life in the  hope that we one day will have enough to retire peacefully.   Is it so? Maybe not. We may not have the same capability physically or may be mentally even though we believe so.   Cut the crap & have a few strings attached and enjoy the strong bonding with loved ones and true friends.

So plan your future & enjoy when you are physically & mentally fit. One of the partners is bound to go  first and safety & security of the other partner is equally important.  Save for family but not at the cost of you as a couple.

It’s important to make a will to first take care of your partner / spouse and the children so that they do not face any legal issues on your demise.

I would like to add here as a personal view. Sometimes its important to discuss the will openly with your loved ones before making it. Your wife /husband, children should not have any legal hassles once you are gone. Do not have the attitude that I don’t care what happens when I am gone. Social & financial needs of your partner are  extremely important to be taken care of when one is alive.

Love the white hair & baldness. Love the black dyed hair. Love the person as he or she is. You know each other so well. Spend & enjoy every moment with each other as much as possible. Life is too short to crib & have patience with your loved ones and understand that your partner is also aging. One tends to forget the partner is also in her sixties and requires some amount of love & care.

Rajendra Parikh