Detoxify Your Body At Sixty Plus


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Once you are sixty, you need to detoxify your whole system.

Starting with oiling your tresses with coconut oil, cleaning your nostrils with salt water (jal-neti), drinking and vomiting out salty warm water from your upper alimentary canal (vaman), soothing your eyes with triphala water, and practicing yoga.

Drink lots of liquid and have a fruit and vegetable diet. Take enemas and walk, walk and walk. There is reflexology where all the points of your feet are pressed. Take mud baths and put neem or aloevera on your face. Another thing one can do is put hot and cold packs on your abdomen and back.

All this and more can be done in one place at reasonable rates in a naturopathy centre. It will calm your senses and uplift your spirits. It’s a welcome break from the noise and unnecessary materialism of modern city life.

With the company of right minded people you can and must practice these kriyas. Health is the prerequisite of all human beings to lead a righteous life.

Few of the healthy food one can intake are mix vegetable soups vegetable daliya,nav dhanya raab ,tulsi kadhas, herbal tea. Have lots of fruits and salad fill your stomach with it and only after that one should eat rotli .

Have phulkas made from jowar ragi bajara  avoid maida refined food and drinks sugar bakery products, friedstuff. And refrigerated and reheated food.

One must fast whenever you feel sick


Smita Mehta