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As human we are social animal. We have relations given by birth but with growing we build relation with like-minded people with whom we find easy to gel and that relation is terms as Friends.

I started making friends when I joined my school in kinder garden class. The friendship was for playing together, sharing snacks. One moment we laughed and next, we were quarrelling on some petty thing and again we were playing together. Truly, this was a most innocent friendship. No harm meant to other. That friendship is somehow lost with passage of time. As one grows, he is more self-centric and clash of interest starts. If  both have some let-go behavior then it continues for a longer period and one can say friendship bond has been stronger.

Further as one grows he/she chooses higher studies and may not meet so often to childhood friends and somehow becomes lethargic in keeping in touch. But if both choose same course of study it may or may not continue. If it continues the bond gets stronger. Then another stage in life comes where one starts settling down in job and marriage and his/her commitments may or may not allow him/her to still maintain that strong bond. But if it does then one can be sure of FRIENDS FOR EVER.

There are few types of friends we all must have experienced in life. Let me try to name them:

Some are just available for laughs and are not emotionally involved with each other.

Some are like enemies who laugh on your face and say bad about you on your back.

Some are context-oriented friends. They otherwise don’t care.

Some are TRUE FRIENDS who care and never let you down.

One who finds such True friend finds a treasure.

I made my first friend, in my kinder garden years and I am still friends with him. I am lucky that he still has same affection for me. His mother who is 80+ still recalls how good friends we were and she even cares for me, scolds me and blesses me.

I had a many friends in school and we still try keep in touch. Thanks to the electronic media the distance has vanished. We all have seen 6 decades on the earth but whenever we meet the warmth of friendship is felt by all.

I have True friend whom I give credits for bringing out a different me whom I never knew. I have realized there are very few people who see friendship like that.  My need for friendship was never too much but the moment I formed a friendship, I always thought it was for good. I am sad to say that due to changing situations  in life, I cannot keep a regular contact with my true friend. I would say it is heart breaking.

My idea of friendship is bit old-fashioned. For me, friendship is not an advantageous transaction or give-and-take.

Hope you liked what I feel about FRIENDS/ FRIENDSHIP/FRIENDS FOR EVER

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Sunil Shah