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Pals, friends, companions, mates… Various synonyms for a bond forged in childhood. We all have lovely memories of schooldays and friendships, squabbles and making up, sharing the snack box, friendly rivalry in studies as well as sports, an amalgamation of experiences in a myriad of different ways. Here are three poems epitomizing this warm relationship Enjoy!!!


                                                  By Rosa Mary Clauser-Mohr 

   The years have passed,  They meet again,

   The joy upon each face is plain And good to see..

   How warm, how fond,

   The handclasp showing friendship’s bond!

   What matters the wrinkles or Hair that’s grey,

   If only the Heart is Warm & gay.

   Their eyes light up, And their faces glow,

   As they turn back the pages To “long ago”,

   Where many a loved one lives again, 

   In the dear loved land of “Remember when”.

   As they look back on those younger days,

   They choose the good, they do not gaze.

   On blemished hours of hurt or pain,

   This is memory’s Golden Gain.

   Time adds a luster To days that have been,

   When hearts return to “Remember when”.


                                     THESE ARE MY RICHES

                                            By Fred Toothaker

 My riches are the fellowships 

     And friendships I have made,

The neighbors & companions, yes,

    And kindness they have displayed

My wealth is all the Blessings,

   That a lifetimes given me,

The dreams & all the memories 

   Of days that used to be.

My fortune is the mellowness

  Of age that years convey,

Without regrets for ‘might have been’

  Or “chance that got away”.

My treasures are the promises,

  The happiness, the cheer, 

The hopes fulfilled, the faith restored,

 And confidence sincere,

My riches, yes, are dreams I’ve had

 And peace I have striven for;

And when the books are balanced,

 Who could ask for anymore. 


                                      RECIPE BOOK

                                  By Fred Toothaker

Take some friendliness & mix it

 With a little bit of cheer;

Blend a touch of Morning sunshine 

 With a pleasant atmosphere.

Sprinkle just a pinch of kindness 

On amongst the deeds to do;

Mellow freely with compassion 

And with tenderness undue.

 With some sympathy be generous,

Spare its condor, not a mite,

Season well with such expression

As befits a dawning bright.

Garnish freely with the beauty,

That is deep within the heart;

Spread around & up & over

For the purpose it would impart.

It’s the recipe of friendship,

Use it often, use it long;

Careful in its preparation,

The results be never wrong.

Harsha  Mehta