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The long awaited moment came. We school friends once again decided to meet on 2nd October, 2017. This time it was a bit sudden as a friend and her husband had come to India for a short duration and had expressed a wish to meet us all . .. Truly at a short notice but our able group leader with a surprise sponsor whom we were not aware of till the meet.Though it was sponsored no invite was necessary as everyone were eager to meet friends after a gap of nearly 46 years. Few of us used to meet but still we missed meeting many. Diwali being close our group leader asked guys to wear shirts  and trousers and girls to wear Punjabi suit or saree , as they wished.

The get together was called for 8 pm and majority were present by 8 pm. We could not recognise a few but rest were like they came out of school dress and into colourful clothes with  a smile and a sparkle in the eyes when they met.

 It was a magical night to remember. A babel of sound and exclamations of ” goodness ! You look just the same”, “oh, what has happened to your hair”, “you have shrunk!!!”, ” you seem taller!”….

The soft drinks and starters were making rounds, few takers as they were so engrossed talking about the years passed by. The evening was full of surprises.  The Sponsor circulated a small booklet of prayers of different religion and Songs that we recited in school and we all formed a big circle and recited  the  prayers of different religion as we did in school on Friday morning assembly. Then we sung few of our songs from our own school booklet, sangh geet which we used to sing on Saturday morning assembly.  Everybody participated and those school days were revived. Time as usual flies and I am sure everyone wished it had halted last evening for a few hours. As we sang the school prayers, we sportingly giggled at our ‘be-sura’ efforts. Fun fun and more fun.

Only good friends can ‘insult’ each other like this! The food was great but more than that it was the camaraderie which was experienced through the night.. The more melodious part came later when a couple of friends sang some old Hindi songs. The first was a medley of Rajesh Khanna songs,  where there was a line’ socho tho zara’, and I said, ‘soch liya’!! Soch  liya ki sab phir milenge!!!

There was a lot of reminiscing about old school camps and teachers, and nicknames and  jokes. “Some nights, stars with you, shine brighter than the ones in the sky”- as a friend truly said. The stars did sparkle and shine brightly, heralding our enduring friendship.

 We missed those who were abroad  and those who could not make it and we clicked and sent them the snaps on our whatapp group chat. Each of them sent a message how they wished they were there.

It was a memorable evening of all young@60+ and we wish that there are many more such times in the future...

In conclusion-

” Star light, star bright,

  First star I see tonight

  I wish I may, I wish I might,

  Have the wish, I wish tonight. ” 

Rupa  Vora

Sunil  Shah