Happy & Healthy Ageing


Those who are ageing gracefully are the lucky ones who seem to be getting better & better with each passing year like  fine wine. While some are just learning by trial & error

If you are a senior citizen with aspirations of maintaining an active lifestyle well into your golden years….the caring for your body & mind is of the utmost importance. Ageing affects almost all the systems of  the body and is associated with several physiological metabolic & psychological changes.

Accept the fact that there are now limitations that you didn’t have before but you don’t have to limit life’s pleasures, the things that you love to do…still accepting major life changes and setbacks can be painfully difficult.

Life is a journey and our faithful travel companion is our ageing mind & body. We can prepare for the trip with maps & plans & wishes, but the road ultimately leads where it will. The best way to enjoy the trip is to appreciate each moment each new sight & sound & feeling, live, learn, love & keep going.

Who knows what lies beyond the next sunrise.

Accepting what can’t be changed is the key to happiness in old age.

People don’t accept the ageing process, that is why they complain about low energy. There are lots of habits to be changed. But one has to understand, that as we cross 60, there is a lot of hormonal & physical change that takes place in our  body.

(1) Get enough sleep. 7 to 9 hours of sleep is a must for a person who has crossed 60.

2) Eat smaller meals at intervals. Smaller meals help in digestion & keep your energy level up.

3) Drink more water & keep yourself hydrated. It will help your kidneys to function better & keep your metabolism rate high too.

4) Do Yoga. Exercise and Strength training. You can do this with not so heavy weights or stretching of rubber bands. This will boost your energy & will help to build the muscle mass.


Dr.  Asmita Parikh

Trustee- Homeopathy  College,  Parla -West, Mumbai.