Healthy Recipes- Khajoor Ladoo & Anjeer/Fig Barfi

Sisters-in-laws Mrs Ruxmani Danthi & Mrs Bindu Danthi, both senior citizens  are expert cooks and have published Book ‘ FOR THE SWEET TOOTH-Gujarati Traditional Sweets’. They have sent Two Healthy & Easy to make Sweets recipes for our readers.

1) Khajoor Laddoos


1 kg Black Khajoor (Dates)

2 tb sp Sesame seeds

2-3 tb sp Ghee

1 tb sp Khus-khus (poppy seeds)

8 tb sp thickly chopped Almonds, Pistachio, Cashewnut & Walnuts.


Sauté dry fruits pieces & sesame seeds with Ghee in a pan.

Put washed seedless dates, keep stirring.

In about 10 minutes the dates will melt, stir well & put off the heat.

When cool, form small small laddoos, roll in Khus-khus with light palm pressure.

Your Laddoos are ready.

2) Anjeer Barfi


4 dry Anjeer (figs)

1 tb sp Walnut pieces

1 tb sp Cashew pieces

1 cup Mawa (khoya)

1/4 cup Sugar

1/4 tsp Cardamom powder


Boil the sugar with little water

When it’s completely melted add Anjeer pieces.

When Anjeer is completely cooked add mawa & stir well.

Add walnut & cashew pieces when it thickens.

Add Cardamom powder. Mix well.

Put off the heat.

When cools down a little, pour in a greased thali.

Flatten, allow it to set & make pieces.

Your Barfi is ready to eat.


Courtesy- Ruxmani Danthi

Bindu Danthi

(From the book FOR THE SWEET TOOTH-Gujarati Traditional Sweets)