Life Is A Rainbow 4 Parts Series

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All the colours of a rainbow merge into each other and make a wonderful sight.

Life’s Rainbow is made of different colours that represent different experiences, situations and circumstances that ultimately merge into each other to make a wonderful Rainbow of Life.

As a rainbow is incomplete without any of its seven  colours,  Life’s Rainbow is incomplete without all the experiences such as Sad, Happy, Unfair, Emotional, Learning, Confusing, Trying and more.We have merged our different experiences from our own Life’s Rainbows to share with you through are 4 Series Blog ” Life Is A Rainbow”

i) Life Is A Rainbow-1 * Wonderful Life @ 60+

ii) Life Is A Rainbow-2 * Fate & Fragility Of Life

iii) Life Is A Rainbow-3 * Living With ‘My Elders’

iv) Life Is A Rainbow-4 * Happiness Is Small Small Things

Life is a depreciating asset and will be written off  eventually over a period whether you like it or not. So enjoy your asset over your lifetime as you cannot revalue it, replace it or pick your depreciation rate. So in conclusion, like the colours of a rainbow which merge into white, make the rest of your life as pure as white, after incorporating all the colours denoting life’s experiences like joy, sorrow, hardship, success, love and gratitude. Never lose your sense of humour and always see the opposite point of view. We, all in our 60s, should enjoy the rest of our lives with content. May the colours of the wind be with us.

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