Life Is A Rainbow-1*Wonderful Life@60+

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  • It is said, ” Do  not regret getting older… Its a privilege denied to many”. As English singer, songwriter & actor David Bowie has said, “Aging is an extraordinary process, where you become the person you always should have been.”Life after 60, is as such a wonderful period. Free from responsibilities towards children, I can enjoy my grandchildren and re-live my childhood in their company. I spend more quality time with my spouse and my girl-pals; go for movies or dramas, coffee, outings, shopping or spend my spare time in some social work whenever & wherever I wish to. I am now more concerned about my health, but I still indulge in eating sinful junk food & chocolates now and then. I don’t care for an extra pound or two as at this age, one does not care about one’s weight or looks anymore. At my age, I am old enough to know better, young enough not to care & experienced enough to do it right. Now I don’t care what people say about me behind my back and I do not feel like getting into an argument, even though I may be right because at this age, I am too tired to get into pointless blah blah blah. The wrinkles on my face mean I have laughed, my grey hair says I have cared & the scars on my face or body mean I have lived.As long as I have a beautiful soul, I don’t fear death as one day we shall all die. Live for today.
  • Harsha Mehta
  • Ups and downs are a part of life which is like a huge sea ever dashing on the shores and keeping so much within. Divers dare, but never succeed in knowing what is hidden in the sea.
  1. All that happens, be it good or bad is beyond our control. Again, what seemed bad then, now in rethinking seems good. Funnily, that is life, so I shall learn to be inert willingly and stop reacting. I would rather be at my best in the worst scenario with the soothing thought that this day too shall pass.
  2. I love mixing with people who can laugh like a child and even if they quarrel, it is like two kids fighting, such that in a few moments they can laugh together. I am learning to stay away from people who make their own life a burden.
  3. I have also learnt to seal my lips when necessary. I won’t give opinions or argue when other people, however close to me are in a bad mood or temper.
  4. I regained hobbies which I had lost in the quest to earn a living.
  5. Lastly, I would love to overcome desires and expectations and lead a peaceful life.

* Sunil Shah