Life Is A Rainbow-4 *Happiness Is Small Things



* “Happiness” is small, small “tings” and it is absolutely true as I’m sure you  will feel the same way as you read on…

I came across the phrase “small small tings” in a Gerald Durrell Book which was about his animal collecting experiences in Africa.

“Small, small tings” (Here, “tings” means things) are the accompaniments to the main meal may be [more related to our food & spices]. It is these “small, small tings” which bring spice, happiness & contentment in our lives.

Once, for dinner, I had made spicy rotis called “Kokis”, which are loaded with onions. At the end of the meal, while clearing the table, my daughter, pounced on her father’s plate and cried “Happiness!! Pa, you’ve left 2-3 pieces of fried onion in your plate. How could you?” There you go. Since then, in our family, “Happiness” is finding a piece of cheese or onion or coriander leaf left on your plate as you are cleaning up after the meal.

“Happiness” is being greeted at New York’s JFK Airport by a friendly immigration officer who tells you to relax and have an enjoyable holiday (1st visit), thus refuting all the horror stories you’ve been warned about, about steely-eyed, tough Officers at the immigration & customs counters at JFK.

“Happiness” is discovering sprays of Lavender actually growing in people’s gardens. I felt like trespassing & picking a spray but good sense and manners prevailed.

“Happiness” is encountering (at a school camp) that prettiest of insects, a “Ladybird”, sedately walking on my palm; yellow with black spots; “happiness” is seeing it joined by a red and black spotted one exploring my palm, then both opening their delicate wings and flying off. “Happiness” is gorging on enormous hot, fried, chilli peppers stuffed with spiced potatoes on a cold, cold morning in Udaipur, washed down with hot cardamom tea served in “Kulhads” at a roadside Dhaba. SUBLIME!!

“Happiness” is planting chilli seeds in a pot on our terrace and seeing them grow into lovely red and green shiny chillies. “Happiness” is seeing a squirrel and parrot fighting over a half-eaten mango on a mango tree next door. “Happiness” is a sudden cloud burst of rain to justify your showing off your new raincoat.

“Happiness” is the delighted smile on your 82-year old Dad’s face when he meets you after a year, for he still fondly remembers his little girl in spite of Parkinson’s. Eating a hot brown toast oozing with strawberry jam made by your sprightly 81-year old Mom is sheer “Happiness”.

As I said, it is the “small small tings” which will make you happy, like your 1st Agatha Christie, the movie “Iqbal”, a cup of South Indian Filter Coffee, purple pansies prancing on the breeze & of course that spray of Lavender…….

Life is a depreciating asset and will be written off  eventually over a period whether you like it or not. So enjoy your asset over your lifetime as you cannot revalue it, replace it or pick your depreciation rate. So in conclusion, like the colours of a rainbow which merge into white, make the rest of your life as pure as white, after incorporating all the colours denoting life’s experiences like joy, sorrow, hardship, success, love and gratitude. Never lose your sense of humour and always see the opposite point of view. We, all in our 60s, should enjoy the rest of our lives with content. May the colours of the wind be with us.

* Rupa Vora