My God by Heena Mehta.

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My God

First of all who is God?  Does He really exist?  These questions arise in many people’s minds. As per my understanding  the one who fulfils all my desires, helps me complete my tasks, is the sole power and is my God. He who helps us to overcome  all difficulties, and does what is good for us, He is my God.  From birth, till the end of life, the one whom we always remember directly or indirectly, He is God.

At different stages of life our understanding about God is different.  In my religion, the one who created the entire universe is Lord BRAHMA, The CREATOR. The one who takes care that the affairs of the universe run smoothly is Lord VISHNU, The Operator. The one who destroys the unwanted for creating something new is Lord SHIVA. Lord Shiva is so powerful that he can destroy the whole universe.

God helps his devotees in all situations, which we may fail to understand and appreciate. As per the Hindu philosophy the period of the first few thousand years when man started living in society, is called Tretayug, which today  is  Kaliyug. God’s sole aim has been to be there for his devotees and help them in the best of their interests. In life we face many hurdles and at times we are not sure how to overcome them,  then  some miracles happen and that hurdle vanishes. We fail to understand God’s mercy. Life is a stage and we are performers here. The length of our role is decided by God.

In my life, my God is very important  as He has been kind and given me more than I deserve.  I am thankful to him for all He gave me and now I pray that He be  kind to me and won’t take away any of His largesse. Now I am habituated with all that He has given me. I am just a small devotee and I know if I am in difficulties HE will not like it.

God, please forgive me for any sin or mistake l may have committed, by oversight,  knowingly or unknowingly. I am aware that in this battle of life I fight myself but I pray, please be my navigator and help me find the true path to win. In the Gita, you have said that The One Whose Chariot I drive Will be the one who will WIN.    

By Heena  Mehta.