My God by Kirti Mulani









My God

I was told to write on GOD for our Blog. Surprisingly, I I found it so difficult to write on Him.

What do I say? Where do I start? What should I leave? With many questions in my mind, I thought let me postpone this article for some time. Just then, on the same day, I saw 2 Videos forwarded by friends on my Whatsapp message.

One was about A Poor Lady and her belief in God- when God orders even Devil obeys.

The other was about small childrens’ fitting reply to a learned Professor for doubting God’s presence- What A Reply.

So, I realized that for me, it is the faith in God that is ultimate.  I would not like to pinpoint any one incident but my entire existence and life is dependent on him. Many a times, when I have been confused, I have experienced that he is always there to guide me on the right path. Many a times, when I have been alone, he has made his presence felt. Many a times when I am contemplating, he has made me fight for truth, irrespective of consequence. Many a times, when I felt defeated, He guided me to do good karmas and leave the result to him. Many a times, when I felt cheated and wanted to withdraw, he has pushed me with the belief that He helps only those who help themselves. Many a times, He has encouraged me to stand by weak and oppose the tyrant.  Sometimes, He has signaled  me to walk off from disturbance/situations that cannot be changed  with realization that without  peace, there is no progress. Sometimes He has guided me through my prayers, meditation or through other people. My God has been my savior always  and has blessed me with this beautiful  life and I have to make the most of it, be happy, be fearless and walk the right path. Thank you God for being my Friend, Philosopher and Guide.

Kirti Mulani.