My God by Leena Parekh

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                                                                                             GOD – MY FRIEND

                                                                                 त्वमेव माता पिता त्वमेव,

                                                                                 त्वमेव बंधु सखा त्वमेव।

                                                                                 त्वमेव विद्या द्रविणं त्वमेव,

                                                                                 त्वमेव सर्वम मम देव देव।।

Meaning “God is Mother, Father, Brother, Friend, Education (Knowledge), Money. God is my everything.”


I sat to write about God whom I have seen as my friend.

My inspiration in writing about him is my Late Husband Jitu.


We realise the true value of our so called friends when they pass the test of time, when they stood by us in our difficult times. Till such time, we won’t know the true value of friends. As for me, the one who can be cent percent trusted is just one, My friend God. He never gives wrong advice nor shows wrong ways to live.


Many a times, we all have experienced that in certain situation we don’t know the way out and we are depressed, then if from the depth of heart we pray to God, suddenly, like the Lightning strikes removing darkness, an idea comes to us to find a solution to the situation. We can fool others but not God. Only HE can take us from darkness to light, from lie to truth and from death to eternal peace. Honestly, we should be very happy having him as such a wonderful friend. We don’t make friends just because we want them as friends but there has to be a natural desire, (runanubandh – some divine connection of past life!) and selflessness which makes a friend. When in difficulties, we pray God to help us come out unscathed and then he smiles at our behaviour. In every walk of life, HE is with us and guides us when needed, such is God – My Friend. If we live with unconditional faith in him then we can cross many a mountains of difficulties. For this not only faith but true devotion towards him also works.  We all have morale, courtesy and self control but to awaken it in us, can only be done by God. With his blessings, we can live a peaceful life. 

Lastly I will pray God – My friend……. 

O’ God, Be my friend always, show me the right direction and path in every walk of life, give me true knowledge and help me do your worship you with true devotion, and be my friend as you always have been. 

When we pray from the depth of our heart with trust and devotion, then God Is always our best friend. 

Jai Sri Krishna.

By Leena Jitendra Parekh