My God By Rupa Vora

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Dear God,

My friendship with you is not new, it goes way back, since l was a little girl and miraculously found a ten Paisa coin(those days, riches indeed!) on the floor somewhere and my joy knew no bounds! I thanked you for it and have been doing so for all the little big moments you have given me with so much love.

I don’t want to write a serious essay on our relationship but want to do it in a lighter vein with fun and laughter, for that is what you have provided to so many of us lost souls, lots of joy and laughter to make us forget our times of sorrow and we start healing.

When l lost my love and best friend, you stepped in, a warm beckoning hand offering so much solace and laughter in the presence of my darling grandson’s  antics and the joy of discovering his view of this crazy world! Do you remember? Once the pages of my book were fluttering wildly in the breeze and he screeched with joy saying ‘Dadi, Dadi see see fan’!!! I giggled along with him and we had that moment of madness, full of happiness.

Hey,you can be quite funny and delightful, you know. I love the way you find and send small gifts to make me smile… Like a field  of sunflowers dancing in the wind,green trees glittering with raindrops washed clean after a shower of rain, the fragrance of wet earth and hot, spicy pakoras!!

I wonder now, are you gently chuckling at us sorry humans, striving to lead fruitful lives of happiness,success and contentment? You have many a time landed us in trouble, given hardship, sadness and strife with one hand! On the other  hand you also bestowed the art of laughing at our mistakes, getting up after a fall, the art of learning to walk again and succeeding, indeed revelling in the effort of regaining our equilibrium.

Dear God,your sense of humour is unique. You know how to play the music of our life, fine tuning the strings, pulling and strumming them in harmony in a way that is always connected to you, so that together we make a song, a rousing melody of cheer and fulfillment which vibrates throughout the years.

You laugh, not at us but with us, at our foibles and fancies, at our dreams and desires and in that light, warm laughter, you somehow ease the pain and the disappointments, by giving us hope and your blessings.

I know there is no ‘sorry’ or ‘thanks’ between friends, but l am so thankful for this wonderful world you have given us, beautiful nature, wondrous birds and animals, butterflies serenading the flowers, flowers which may bloom even on arid land or in someone’s poor backyard! You give a helping hand to the needy without being asked, succour to the sad, lighting up faces with smiles and hope. We do keep you busy… But that’s what friends are for…

I am content to share this rapport with you, the ups and downs of life, the precious bonding with children and friends, the fact that you open another door when one is shut so l can pick up the pieces and make my picture whole again. 

You give me peace, contentment and acceptance for which l am eternally grateful, so dear God, keep laughing and l shall smile and laugh with you!

Rupa Vora.