My God by Stella Doshi.


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My first date with God

I was born in a  very religious family, as a child I never understood, why do we have to spend hours in front of a temple, doing Pooja, etc. Why can’t we just reach him when ever, and where ever, if he is every where!

My relation with God was going to a temple   ,bowing down  , asking to change the things which I wasn’t comfortable with.  That’s  it, nothing more. Then I met Him, my first date with Him, which lasted for 30 seconds.

Thirty years ago , I was expecting my third child. We had gone to Khandala, a small hill station near Mumbai, for the week end. My two daughters were sitting in the backseat of our car, my husband was driving and I was sitting next to him. In those days, the roads were not very good and we were driving back to our hotel after a late dinner. Suddenly a truck came in front and knocked our car. My husband lost control and the car skidded towards the valley. I was trying to hold on to the door handle but by mistake opened it and fell out , I just surrendered completely, thinking this is it, I’ll be dead soon!

Immediately, I saw myself floating in a beautiful tunnel, with a golden light at the other end calling me. Before I could reach the light I could feel my husband pull me back.  Must not have been more than 20/30 seconds but I still remember how it felt inside that tunnel, it was a beautiful experience! It was like when you are highly sedated and feel drowsy and peaceful . I have never felt that tranquility again.

That changed my life. I knew immediately what is God and how to reach Him. There is no form to Him, it’s just consciousness. He doesn’t need any prayers, all He wants is surrendering!

Ever since then, I enter that tunnel through my meditation, reach the light , the consciousness, and converse with him. Most of the time I get my answers and when I don’t, I know they are not meant to be. I sure get strength to go through difficult periods.

There are no miracles that sufferings will reduce or things will change. But that strength takes me through  pain with  a peaceful mind.

I try to stay connected to the energy of all creation, I know I am a part of it. Whatever  label or word we use to describe “it” doesn’t matter.

I have approached the milestone of 60, grace has brought me safe so far and grace will lead me home.

By Stella Doshi.