Never Stop Learning

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Sixty is just a number. At sixty, I feel 30 years younger, with 30 years of experience.

We have learnt a lot from our grandparents, parents,  teachers , friends, family, kids and grand children. I feel good about all the values we have inherited from our grandparents, the values of education, responsibility & money that we get from parents, the value of our relationships with friends and relatives.

New technology was taught to us by our children.

I would like to share how I learnt about computers. My children were in school and this subject was to be introduced  to them. I, hence, learnt to operate and program computers, as I never wanted my children to fail in any subject.

When my children were in the 12th standard, which was an important year for their career, I always wanted to support them and be around for them. So, when they stayed awake to study, I  stayed awake and studied for my M.A. in Jainism. This way my children helped me to learn.

I am thankful to all those who have taught me something or the other in my life.

So, friends,  you are never  too old to learn.

Continue living life to its fullest and keep learning.


Bhavna Chovatia