On God by Kirtiwant Vaidya

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God is an instrument of faith, support, and purpose for believers. Generally, I refrain from explicitly articulatingmy belief about God so as not to influence those who might start pondering over my thoughts and might then risk losing this vital instrument. To any believer who is so affected, my apology, I don’t believe in god.

Let me rephrase that: I believe in no god. Believers believe in god. Both of us ‘believe’, but none has proof. I wouldn’t say that god does not exist since I cannot prove that. Likewise, if believers say that god does exist, they cannot prove that either. Both sides have their beliefs, which are not scientifically provable in the same way as facts, laws, hypotheses or theories https://www.nasa.gov/pdf/371711main_SMII_Problem23.pdf .

Believers believe because of many possible reasons – needing a parent-like figure in life, trying to make sense of who created us and the universe, etc. I don’t believe because I am satisfied with having my logic guide me in life instead of a parent-like figure. I take the theory of evolution as a satisfactory explanation of who created us and believe that the universe has always existed as a part of a larger multiverse and we ask who created it because we were created by our parents and will die one day, so we assume everything else has the same start-end cycle.

The earth originated 4.6 billion years ago and us Homo sapiens evolved 0.2 million years ago http://www.bbc.co.uk/nature/history_of_the_earth, so we have been evolving since past 0.004% of time. We are still too immature in our development to proclaim that we know of god’s existence as a fact. That is being an egotist. I’d rather say, “I don’t know!”

By Kirtiwant Vaidya.