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Food. What a simple word. Something that most of us take for granted each day because we are privileged enough to get our meals twice a day without really having to strive for it or give it much thought. It is an automatic process and there is hardly any doubt in mind that we will definitely eat something whenever we are hungry.

However, there are many underprivileged people in our society for whom the means of getting their next meal for themselves and their family, is a big question mark. Everyday is a struggle for such individuals for whom even the most basic food is a luxury. At times, such people have to satisfy their hunger pangs with just a Vada Pav in the entire day or maybe just a glass of water. Such is the widespread poverty in our City & Country.

We are a Group of like minded humble Individuals who wish to bring about a change in whichever way possible for us. Two years ago, we came together and decided that every Sunday we would gather at a place in our vicinity at Ghatkopar (MG Road near Rasiklal Jewellers) and feed whoever was hungry and unable to afford even a basic meal for themselves. We named our endevour as “RAM ROTI PARIVAR”

The day we began, we were fortunate enough to feed 5 people. As word of mouth spread of our service, these numbers went up to 50, 100 and then even upwards. Today the numbers have risen to more than 400 people who patiently wait in a queue so as to get their share of the meal. And the only reward for us is seeing their smile when we serve food on their plate and the blessings they confer upon us.

Right from the beginning, we were clear that the Meal we serve has to be one of top quality, nutritious and with a variety of food items. Which is why, we take the help of professional caterers who prepare the various dishes that comprise of: Biscuits, Snacks, Rotis, Vegetables, Dal, Rice, Fruits, & Dessert as well. The total food is pure Vegetarian. We also serve Water, Buttermilk etc. During the Mango season, Aamras is served as well as part of the Dessert. Also, there is no restriction on the number of times one can refill their plates. All they need to do is re-visit the serving counter and get their plates filled with whatever they wish to eat.

Seeing our efforts, passers by started inquiring as to whether they could donate towards our cause and started doing so wholeheartedly. There are times when someone privileged enough is kind enough to sponsor the meals for the entire day. If someone desiring to do this entire sponsorship belongs to the Jain community, then we make it a point to have Jain preparations as well. There are others who wish to donate some amount due to a Tithi, Celebration, Occasion, Anniversary etc. We more than welcome such donations because every drop in the ocean counts.

The expenditure for feeding this gathering of approximately 400 people works out in the region of Rs 8000 to Rs 10,000 each Sunday. Till date, we have never publicly asked anyone to donate to our cause. But by the grace of God, we have always managed to receive enough donations so that not a single person has returned back hungry. People are found to come by themselves and donate whatever is possible for them.

We have another Endeavour wherein we give Ration to households who cannot afford to even purchase the most daily need items viz. Rice, Sugar, Pulses, Flour, Vegetables etc. We started this service with 10 households 2 years ago. Currently we are serving 55 households in this manner. We have a criteria of checking the credentials of the households we help by checking their Aadhar Card, Electricity Bill or Ration card. The expenditure of organizing such Ration works to approximately Rs 800 – Rs 1000 per household per month. This too is being managed by donations that we receive.

You can experience the smiles on the faces of the people being fed for yourself every Sunday at Ram Roti Parivar, between 9 am and 10 am at Ghatkopar East. MG Road, Near Rasiklal Jewellers.

Whosoever wishes to get connected to our cause, may please contact:

Manibhai Sejpal – 9820188051

Bhartiben Sejpal – 9969791166

Ashok Karia – 9820183139

Daulatbhai Desai – 9819965884

Dineshbhai Kotak – 9821018030