Remembering Teachers @ 60+


To remember and write about your teachers when you are in your sixties is like a three hour movie running in front of your eyes! School was like a second home and our teachers a second set of parents who loved us, cajoled the best out of us, appreciated and chastised us. They imparted knowledge as well as taught us to be kind and helpful to others, be friendly and face challenges with a smile. Above all they showed us how to live life with integrity.

Be it languages, maths, science or history and other eclectic subjects, they guided us to excel in all our endevours. They held our hand and opened our minds to the world!

In Gujarati, a teacher is known as ‘Master’. This word, broken into two would be ‘Ma’ and ‘ster’. ‘ Ma’ of course is mother and ‘ster’ means level. So a teacher for us was like our mother. In fact, our mother is our very first teacher in our infancy. Lastly, not to forget, our father was the strong and sensible guiding light who showed us how to learn from our own experiences and mistakes and taught us the ‘ walk of life’s, to hold our head high and believe in ourselves. All these teachers moulded our characters, so we could live our lives ethically and with dignity, take joy and laughter in simple things and keep our flag flying high. With boundless gratitude, we thank them.

                                                                               * Rupa Vora

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