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My Inward Journey

As we age, we need to continue to pursue our dreams and passions.  We need to prepare for our retirement from an early age by developing a hobby or engaging in an activity which will continue to stretch and exercise our body, mind and soul.

As I look back, the turning point of my own life was when I developed an interest in yoga and pursued a teachers training course. The course was challenging both mentally and physically.  We were required to spend over 10 hours a day at the yoga center.  In a class of 60 students, I was 48 years old but everyone else was in their prime – late twenties!  [No one addressed me as Aunty, was just one of them ].   This experience made me realize that age is only a number, you are as old as you feel.

When both my daughters left to pursue studies in the United States, I found my nest was half empty.  However, when my son decided to do the same, and all my children were now miles away from home, I found the need to keep myself occupied with other fulfilling activities, I decided to teach yoga and meditation on a full time basis.  Today, I’m proud to have the same clients after 12 years of practice!

While I continued to teach meditation and mindfulness, I started spending more time on myself via self-reflection and meditation.  I was consistently seeking answers by looking within.  Through experience I have realised that knowledge lies within each of us, all you need to do is,…..still your mind and listen intently.To receive answers through meditation – you do not need to be an enlightened guru – all you need is a little bit of discipline and effort.    pain and suffering I went through has taught me several valuable lessons. When I smile, every wrinkle on my face has a story to tell and a lesson to share.

In addition to providing answers, meditation has taught me to forgive and not judge othersReading spiritual books will provide you knowledge but only meditation can help you implement the knowledge you learn.

Meditation exposed me to past life therapy – which is a form ofspiritual healing. When I practice this healing methodology and see people cured of unexplained illnesses – nothing can match my thrill!  I gain incredible pleasure in guiding people through their inward journey.

I have noticed that I love learning and progressing within the spiritual realm and strongly believe you should never stop learning. I continue to pursue different courses to learn new skills and gain more knowledgeEach morning I wake up with newly found enthusiasm!  Currently I am pursuing a Certified course in counseling.

I have made it my life’s motto to get out of my comfort zone and explore all the known and unknown possibilities beyond my grasp.  When I draw my last breath, I don’t want to regret not doing anything I may have dreamed of.

My guru and my teacher has always been my mother. She was from small town in Gujarat and did not receive any formal education.  She was married at the young age of 12.  Extremely intelligent, you could talk to her about any topic ranging from Sachin Tendulkar to Amitabh Bachhan and from local political issues in Kashmir to global political issues relating to President Bush!  She also had an amazing memory – for example, she never had to look in the telephone diary to remember anyone’s phone number.

My father died when my mother was 60 years old.  However, she didn’t stop living her life!  Even in her eighties she would purchase sarees and food for beggars and distribute it near Babulnath Temple.  

My mother died peacefully in her sleep at the age of 93. She did not suffer from any major Illness and could even walk without anyone’s aid until her last breathI believe she witnessed a peaceful death because  she chose to live and enjoy every moment of life! I aspire to be as active as she was when I grow older.