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At 60+, I belong to one of the last generation that did the entire schooling without the help of Computers and Google. We as students, played outdoor games. During day time we were at School and had special classes for outdoor games and other extracurricular activities. When we returned home, after a glass of milk and snacks, we would again go down to play for an hour or so, then on returning home, we would do our homework  and pack our bags for the next day and after early dinner, go to sleep. They were simple carefree days with a set routine. We were given projects to do and we would refer to newspapers, books, encyclopedia and magazines and if we couldn’t find related pictures to stick, we would hand craft everything.

We enjoyed every season as Global warming did not exist. There were warm summers, chilly winters and best of all, rainy season with heavy showers, thunders, lightening and rainbows. Our school used to arrange science camps where at night on the open ground, our teachers through telescope showed us galaxy of stars and taught us how to identify them by names. We were told to memorize tables and therefore till date, we don’t need to use calculators so often. We wrote hand written letters and greeting cards as there were no gmail and e cards.  In short, we managed everything without computers and in fact, our brain was a computer but only after computers were invented, we identified our brain as a human computer.

Times changed, we grew up, graduated from colleges and settled in our lives. I, like most girls born in mid fifties, was never career oriented and marriage was naturally the next step after college graduation. Life was busy managing home, child and time flew. With the invention of computer, things started changing as children were now learning computers in school. They didn’t understand our teaching methods, our outdoor games, our hand crafted projects and our science camps as their activities, studies, games were now mostly indoors and through their desktops. I realized, I had to change to keep pace with the next generation and accept the fact that my education system and way of life was now just a happy memory but a history which will never be repeated by the next generation. Thus I started learning computers. It was difficult to understand and hold the mouse, type on keyboard, forever scared what will happen if I press the wrong button on the keyboard. Still, I continued with my efforts.

As my effort to work on Computers continued, things changed when I found out about Google. I was fascinated with Google search. Google search was an open source to knowledge and information. It opened all the avenues for me, I learnt about e shopping and set up the first e shop for mother and baby products  on which was later bought over by ebay where I became the power seller in my category. Few products were manufactured by me and the rest were sourced from manufacturers and importers who didn’t understand e shopping then and therefore willingly let me sell their products online.

Once again, after crossing sixty, in search of something new, I turned to Google search and found about  Google Digital Marketing, Google Ad Words Keyword Planner, Google Analytics, Google Cloud, Google My Business, Google Maps, Google Ad Sense, Google Translate, Google Certifications,  Wordpress, Mobile Apps, You Tube  which all so fascinated me. In order to understand and learn some of these, I attended Digital Marketing Training Program by B-Cube Consulting Private Limited and successfully built my own blogging site for senior citizens. My class friends of The New Era High School, Mumbai, namely Harsha, Rupa, Rajendra and Sunil joined  me in this venture and together through our blogging site for Senior Citizens, we have started building a Global community of Young@60+,  to Celebrate life at 60+ by sharing a common platform on different topics.

Thank you Google, for always being a friend and a teacher irrespective of my age, keeping me happily occupied, interested and  resourceful, opening avenues for me, binding me with my school friends, empowering me with knowledge, information and confidence, retaining my enthusiasm and young at heart spirit, keeping me in pace with the latest in technology and last but not least, helping us build a Global community of Young@60+,   through our website

Ms. Kirti Mulani.

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