The Quieter You Become, The More You Are Able To Hear….



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Listen… to the dawn breaking with streaks of gold and scarlet and pink, illuminating the sky and earth beneath your feet.

Be silent, you will hear the chirping of the birds and the colours of the wind , rustling through the trees, heralding a new day.

Take in the quiet and subdue the sounds in your mind and you will hear the chants and the voices raised in prayer, in a far off place of worship.

Hear the cries of children as they trudge their way to school, their laughter and innocent joy in the new day. The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear… this will be brought home to you only if you silence you inner demons, fears, anxieties and complexes. Only then will you be able to hear the answers to your worries and fears, for it is this inner quiet and peace which gives you faith to overcome negative thoughts, attitudes and whatever failure you envisage.

Try to reduce the cacophony in you life, the strident notes of strife, anger, prejudice and materialistic attitudes so that you may hear the musical notes of peace, contentment and positivity.

The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear the anguished cry of a friend or partner, the call of a person in need of help, of succour, be it in the form of monetary aid or of your time or very presence. 

Whatever one’s personal battles and tragedies, if you keep your ears open and quieten your own problems, you will hear the other side of the conflict, the fears the opposite person is facing, the anger they are going through and maybe, just maybe you will be able to help them . Thus overcoming your own anxieties, you can gain strength and peace.

Hence if everyone becomes quieter and is able to hear more, what a wonderful world it could be, erasing all conflict, wars, it and angst, with people reaching out to one another in a blessed silence of peace, love and friendship!

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Rupa Vora