Grand parents…

We are blessed to have, Grandparents like you,

Loving and Caring, Sharing in all we do.

You gave us the world, And taught us to see

The wonders and joys of life, To be carefree!

Stories and games, Grandma’s meals,

Rides in the car, Grandpa at the wheel!

We want to thank you, For all you have done

To make our little world, Full of grace and fun.

For wiping our tears, Loving and wise…

Healing our wounds,Seeing with our eyes.

So here is a verse with love, From each of us to you,

For you touched us, And we grew!


Leaving The Nest…

You’ve flown the nest, All for the best

Little bird, fly high.

Find a tree, So you can rest

And then soar in the sky… When things get you down,

Chin up, and don’t frown, This too shall pass.

For it is all in the game, You play it well

And show your class! The cold hard bed,

Makes you see red!  The Stark room and the loo, oh dear!

Just hang in there, With a smile and a laugh

You’ll sail through, no fear. Whistle while you work

Don’t ever shirk, Even a tiny chore.

For it is the small, small things

Which shall help bring, Wisdom and learning evermore!

Your faculty, the best.. Will teach you with  zest

Inspiring you every which way, So  open your mind wide

And never say die. With each fulfilling day.

We’ve let go the handlebars, So you may ride far…

To a future that is your due. Go fly, and be free, little bird

With a song in your heart.  And make your dreams come true!


To My Son and his Wife…

Son, you’ve flown the nest, long long ago,

We let go the handlebars, mom and l, so you could soar…

Baby, child, boy-o-boy!

We found our cup ‘runneth’ over with joy!

In academics and athletics, you were a star,

You filled is with pride, we knew you’d go far!

You started working, a great career,

Settled and secure, nothing to fear.

You met a lovely girl, became man and wife.

We got another daughter to enrich our life!

Happy together in domestic bliss,

Loving, caring, sharing, nothing amiss.

Now you embark on a new adventure,

Proud parents-to-be in a joyous venture!

Diapers and burps, sleepless nights!

Poop and pee… Oh! What a plight!

But it’s worth it my dears, as you will know

Your bundle of joy, precious and pure!

As grandpa and grandma we await at last,

Our first grandchild, with whom we’ll have a blast!

We look forward to that wonderful day

So thank you, both, for this gift on it’s way!

Rupa Vora..

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