To Ma, With Love

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What  can  we say  of  a  lady  of  grace,

Our  Ma, Dadi, Nani,   myriad   of face !

You  birthed  us & bathed  us singing  with joy,

Fed us & amused us with many  a toy!

The tapestry  of our lives was with rosy threads of love,

Blue  threads of  contentment, indeed a treasure trove;

Homilies  &  humour, annoyance &  glares,

Stories & books, no worries no cares!

You taught us to live life full of zest , with a flair,

Be human  & kind , never despair!

Amazing lady, you gave us a feast

of  sandwiches ,pie & jam ,pickles & sweets,

Tended our wounds ,bandages galore,

” Get up & walk ” you said, “you can do it & more”!

Scrabble & Carrom , Canasta ,Monopoly

Cheese toast & Patties, delicious  Puranpoli,

You  gave us all this, with joy  & a smile,

Rejoicing in our happiness, all the while!

Magical, meaningful, musical, sparkling  & bright

90  years, of a rich  full life  !

We have flown your nest, though not very far,

You are in our spirit & heart,

Thank you Ma , you are our star !

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Rupa Vora