Yoga at 60+



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Why YOGA at 60+?

At 60 plus, one may think of retiring from routines, liberating one’s self from  duties and liabilities so as to enjoy the  golden years which are bonus of one’s hard work that he/she did till retirement.  So very true because whether one is self-employed or worked in a firm or government or anywhere, before retirement, he /she carried multiple tensions related to work, home, family etc.  So it is obvious why exercise now at the age of 60+?

The answer is, now that one is relatively free, he should also be free from his mental and physical pains and be fit and fine. That is exactly where YOGA helps.  Yoga is not just a physical exercise. It is not like any other physical training program. You won’t develop a muscular body doing Yoga. Regular walking etc. are good but not enough. Yoga helps to keep your joints working, your back strong, and also helps your breathing disorders come in control.

After retirement, a person may feel humiliated even if someone offers some good suggestion or requests regards his health. Let us not go into those details as probably we must have all faced this situation. We are not  as strong as we were in youth. We get emotionally disturbed more often. So practice Yoga as it teaches you meditation to remain calm. We often have disturbed sleep due to aging problems and Shavasana helps you gain lost sleep and your body and mind feels relaxed. Pranayama, which is exercise of Pran (breathing) solves breathlessness etc.

Yoga is a way of life. A yoga practitioner has a healthy body and also a healthy mind. One is lucky to be alive at 60+ but he/she is luckier to be healthy to enjoy the moments now earned, due to Yoga practice.

One must observe the following few cautions while practicing Yoga –

Never exercise on a full stomach

Never exercise till the point of exhaustion

Never strain yourself as Yoga is to be done with ease

Never practice Yoga without a qualified Yoga teacher till you master it.

* Sunil Shah